Since its foundation in 1978, KJ has witnessed substantial growth and development. Today, KJ is a Company comprising three main departments: an Administrative department, a Sales department and a Technical department. The last mentioned is subdivided into Mechanical workshop, an Automatics division, an Entrepreneur division and a Forklift division. The Company is spread over localities in Kambsdalur, Torshavn and Fuglafjord.

In the suburb of Kamsdalur, KJ resides in two buildings totalling 1.500 sq.m. One building is solely devoted to the Technical department and the other houses the Company Administration, Storage- and Sales departments. KJ also rents storage facilities for its comprehensive space demanding spare-parts unit.

In 2006, it was estimated the time was right for an expansion of the Company to the capital Torshavn, which presented a considerably larger population and commercial basis. KJ established itself in premises with a well-stocked range of products, enabling clients to acquire tailor-made hydraulic tubes/piping and have minor repairs performed. Later in 2006, KJ acquisitioned the Company Norð Trukk, wich sold and serviced forklift trucks. In 2009, Norð Trukk fusioned with KJ and today it is fully intregated part og theparent Company KJ Hydraulik

In order to service and float the substantial number og catamarans KJ has bulit over the years, the Company acquisitioned in 2009, the slipway in Fuglafjord – a slipway steeped in tradition


KJ continual objective is to be the very best Company within it’s field of operations. A reliable flexible and service-minded Company.

This implies that KJ continually shall:

• Meet demands from clients and authorities on the Faroe market
• Ensure the Company a permanent client basis from the Faroe market
• Meet demands from clients and authorities on foreign markets
• Realize expansion and development opportunities on foreign markets

The Company therefore continually strives to be a market leader in the Faroes and to the extent this achievable, also on the international market.