Washing systems

MPI is a supplier of professional cleaning equipment for shipping, offshore and fish farms. All our solutions are produced according to customer’s specifications. MPI places great emphasis on quality, training and service.
We offer high pressure machines from 100 bar and up to 2750 bar, and we have over 200 different models in our product range. MPI has developed a brand new washing rig(Terminator) and a washing robot; Remote Operated Net Cleaner (R.O.N.C) for fish farming.
For the manuel washing rig we offer 3-discs, 5-discs, 7-discs, 9-discs, 13-discs and 21-discs. R.O.N.C i delivered with 3-discs, 5-discs, 7-discs and 9 discs.
MPI is the agent for Huges Pumps Ltd., which has many years of experience and expertise in the production of high-pressure machines to professional users.