Spare parts & Service

KJ has a special department solely devoted to servicing the shipping industry. This department includes staff of consultants and technicians, a well assorted warehouse with all sorts of technical components and mechanical workshop. Our stock includes a wide range of products ranging from the smallest nut to every revolving part on board every type of vessel. This is what we in daily terminology describe as deliverable goods. KJ has a 24/7 technical and sales service.


Hydraulic hoses & pipes

KJ supplies a huge range of chromat and ASIS316 stainless acid-free hydraulic pipes from 6-42mm, also 2- & 4 lay hydraulic hoses from 3/16″ to 2″.

KJ also supplies a all kind of other hoses like, low pressure oil-hoses, stainless freez-hoses, thermoplastic-hoses and PVC-hoses.

Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic motors

Hydraulic valves

Hydraulic fittings

KJ is the biggest supplier in the Faroes of hydraulic fittings for hoses and pipes. The fittings can be found in all sizes and unions, both chromate and AISI316 acid-free stainless steel.

Hydraulic filters

KJ supplies a huge range of hydraulic filters, that can cover all the requirements for purity, oil-amount and pressure. On stock KJ has all kind of filter-houses, filter-elements for high-pressure and off-line filter-unit, that separates the water from the oil.



KJ supplies a huge range of lubricating-oil filter, fuel-oil filters, air-filters, separator-filters, water-separator filters and cooling-water filters.



Ball-valves, switching-valves, needle-valves, throttle-valves, counter-valves, line-rupture valves, quick-clutch valves, 3- & 6-ways valves, both manual- and electric driven.

Sealing rings

PRM Gears

KJ is exclusive supplier in the Faroes of PRM Gears. With a precision engineering pedigree, PRM Marine has established an enviable reputation as a specialist in the design and manufacture of high efficiency mechanical drive-line equipment.


KJ has two mechanical workshops placed in Torshavn and Kambsdalur that have:

• Electrical Engineering department

• Blacksmith and welding department

• Department of work with hydraulics (cranes winches)

• Turning, drilling and milling machines;


• Gear pumps.

• Piston pumps.

• Reciprocating Pumps.

• Screw pumps.

• Ram type pumps.

• Vane pumps.


KJ offers a great variety of products and services in cleaning & maintenance of metal surfaces in both the Marine and Industrial market.

• Fuel oil treatment

• Water treatment

• Boiler treatment

• Tank cleaners

• Acid cleaners

• Biological-environmental products 

VMK Fish Machinery

KJ is a distributor of VMK Fish Machinery and offers processing lines for Pelagic Fish and similar species; functions including feeding, nobbing, steak cutting, filleting and skinning. VMK processing lines are robust in design and material, combining high performance machines with small square meter usage and cost efficient maintenance.

• VMK 52 – Hopper and elevator

• VMK 31 – Automatic feeder

• VMK 16 – Deheading machine

• VMK 11 – Filleting machine

• VMK 440 – Skinning machine

KJ offers new machine lines, provides service, spare parts and upgrades for these machines