Rapp Winches

Based on almost four decades of experience supplying and servicing hydraulic winches and winch systems, our customers can rest assured that they will always get the right solution for their particular requirement.

With our highly skilled employees, we can offer full services on a wide range of winches and systems. Additionally, we offer a wide range of hoisting and lifting winches for marine- and truck cranes, covering every requirement in regard to speed and lifting capacity.

• Trawl winches 7,0 to 90 ton pull

• Auto-trawl systems

• Customer designed winched

• Hose reel drums

• Net drums

• Sweep line winches

• Gilson winches

• Pulling winches

• Anchor winches

• Gill Net Winched

• Gill Net Clearers

• Pot Hauler Winches

Rapp Marine

For over 100 years, Rapp Marine has contributed to the automation and development of advanced hydraulic and electric deck machinery to Fishing, Research, Offshore and Workboat Vessels. With over 100 years of experience in the maritime industry, Rapp Marine’s comprehensive product range can be customized to provide bespoke solutions that will fully meet every customer’s requirements.

The headquarters and engineering division are located in Bodø, Norway. The company also features sales, service and production activities in 20 other locations around the world.

“We have delivered deck machinery to more than 1500 Vessels!”

From first contact, through detailed engineering design, to production and final testing, and all backed up by a dedicated and worldwide service and maintenance network, Rapp Marine is the natural partner for complete deck machinery solutions.

“When developing our products, we base the technology on experience and reliability”.