Vit eru m.a. einaumboð í Føroyum fyri JCB, Huddig, Epoke og Hyundai merkini. Her kunnu vit bjóða eitt úrval, ið umfatar beltimaskinur upp til 46t, gummigedir upp til 30t, dumparar upp til 25t, rennigravara upp til 13t, minimaskinur upp til 8t og trumlir upp til 20t. Eisini veita vit útgerð og eykalutir til ymisk onnur sløg av maskinum.

KJ is an official dealer of JCB, Hyundai, Epoke, Huddig equipment.

KJ successfully operates in the market of construction equipment, telescopic handlers, road construction machinery, wheeled excavators, crawler excavators, material handling equipment, warehouse equipment, forklifts and special equipment for road repair work.

KJ is a reliable partner and supplier of special equipment, provides a full range of related services.


JCB is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction and agricultural machinery. Today, JCB engineering and technical support is one of the best in the world, the company produces more than 300 models of equipment and is well known for its unsurpassed level of customer service. JCB manufactures equipment in 22 factories on 4 continents: in the UK, Brazil, India, the USA and China. Throughout its 70-year history, the company has invested heavily in research and development, thanks to which it constantly introduces innovations and applies the most modern technologies.


Huddig provides the ultimate solution for efficient and productive working within the City, Cable and Rail segments.

The unique combination of an articulating center pivot and transmission along with customized wheels or rubber tracks enables a HUDDIG to maneuver in almost any terrain.

Huddig has manufactured more than 10 000 backhoe loaders since the production started back in 1959 and the Huddig trademark has been the market leader in Sweden, for a long time.


The Hyundai Construction Equipment brand — is synonymous with durability and dependability.

A business that sees beyond and goes further, pioneering product and service innovations, which surprises the competitors and delights customers. 

“Moving you further” is the new brand slogan of HCE implies HCE’s core value of providing impressive quality and service based on trust. Hyundai Construction Equipment is committed to deliver the industry’s best heavy and industrial equipment.


As producer of machines for control of icy roads we know that prompt and correct service is crucial.

Concepts such as reliability, innovation, functionality, and service have always been the cornerstone of Epoke.

Since the 1950s an innovative outlook has created solutions for combating slippery roads. Today Epoke holds just the right combination of experience and new thinking to meet an exciting future with new demands and challenges.

The Epoke Development Department works closely with Danish customers in order to develop and test new products. This is the basis of a strong position on the Danish market, which in turn forms the basis of a major global export activity.