Engines & Generators


KJ provides engines ranging from 20Hp to 1600Hp – including engines from world leading engine manufacturers giving us the flexibility to find the best marine engine for your special requirements.

Whether you are looking to power a fishing boat, a work boat for fish farming, a tug or ferry we have the right engine for you.


With an impressive range of quality generators, ranging from 2-2500 kVA.

KJ is the premier distributor of quality generators. We have built a reputation for on-the-spot service in critical conditions. We carry silenced generators, portable generators, open diesel generators, air cooled generators, containerized generators, PTO driven generators, low-noise marine generators.

The equipment can be used to supply power continuously, for peak shaving or as emergency power in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

• Industrial range generator sets

• Heavy range generator sets

• Medium voltage range generator sets

• Portable range generator sets

• Soundproofed generator sets


KJ provides expert services for power system start-up, troubleshooting, parts, repair and maintenance for diesel- and gas engines and generator sets.