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equipment for construction machinery

We provide a vast array of accessories and equipment for construction machinery. The overview on this side only shows a small part of what we can offer.
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Whether you’re looking for a standard digging bucket or a bucket with teeth, bolt-on edges, or welded-on edges, then JST might be the right choice for you.

JST offers a huge selection of digging buckets for excavators ranging from an operating weight of 800 kg to 90 tons.

CP metal

CP Metal is a modern, order-producing metal workshop that welds, presses, and turns all kinds of items in aluminum, stainless, and regular steel.

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Steel & Technology offers equipment for construction machinery, thus manufacturing custom-made items according to your specific wishes.


Gjerstad digging buckets are designed for efficiency and durability. With favorable breaking forces and minimal wear, these buckets are manufactured with the strong Hardox 450/500 material, ensuring maximum strength and wear resistance



The tiltrotators easily tilt and rotate attachments as required, regardless of the machine’s position.

In addition to ordinary buckets, the machine can also be fitted with many different tools and replace several other machines at the same work site.


With a Compacttilt you ensure your machine’s maximum performance.

With new technology and a patented motor, Compacttilt is the market’s most compact tilt and tiltrotator product.



Engineered for durability and performance, these hammers deliver relentless force and impact, transforming any job into a showcase of efficiency.

Ideal for professionals who demand the best, GB Great Hammers are the trusted companion for breaking through barriers and achieving excellence.



Designed for precision and built for durability, these stampers offer unparalleled performance in soil, sand, and gravel compaction.

Ideal for construction sites, landscaping, and road maintenance, Weber Stampers provide an optimal balance of power and maneuverability, ensuring your project’s foundation is solid and secure.


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