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KJ stands by its promise to ensure customer satisfaction. This is done with the help of the stream team of mechanical engineers, who specialize in maintenance, repair and survey of mechanical equipment.

With our great range of spare parts, we ensure short waiting time, so your business can run smoothly.

Store and warehouse

In our stores and warehouses in Tórshavn and on Kambsdalur we can supply you with many spare parts and equipment. We have loads of goods on stock, so your work related activities can be as little affected by waiting time as possible. Our warehouse workers are ready to help and serve you.

We have more than 20.000 unique parts for the maritime industry on stock. With fast delivery, we are ready to give you the products you need.

If there is a need to get spare parts or goods that we unfortunately do not keep on stock, we gladly take on these tasks. Our sales representatives will find you just the parts you are looking for.

repairs, surveying and maintenance

KJ has a trustworthy team of highly skilled mechanics that are ready around the clock to help you, be it maintenance or repairing old mechanical or hydraulic equipment or systems.

We also have a team of licensed surveyors, that can inspect both rescue boats, davits and cranes. By utilizing this, we can ensure that the equipment of our customers is in best possible condition and that it meets the standards that the industry is setting before us.

24/7 service around the country

It is always possible to get ahold of our workshop and we provide 24/7 service, if needed. Our mechanics have well equipped service vehicles and they are ready to drive out to big as well as small working tasks. This ensures that waiting time is shortened for the customer and your works runs as smoothly as possible.


Birgir Samuelsen

Technical Manager

Áki Sørensen

Workshop Manager

Agnar Lassaberg

Technical Adviser

Einar A. Petersen

Automation Technician Manager

Edmund Hansen

Survey Manager, LA & LSA

Petur Klein

Repair Foreman, forklifts

Knút Vesturtún

Store Manager