Einki úrslit

Aquaculture supplier

KJ supplies a vast array of products and services for the aquaculture industry. We deliver catamarans, farming pens, slaughter cages, current breakers, spare parts and services for smolt hatcheries.


proud supplier to the aquaculture industry

KJ is on the front row when it comes to aquaculture equipment and services thereof – both at our homebase in the Faroe Islands as well as around the globe. With catamarans, farming pens, current breakers, slaughter cages and services for smolt hatcheries, KJ can supply the aquaculture industry with high-end goods and long lasting equipment. We are with you, from the hatching of smolt to the slaughter of full-grown salmon.

at sea

For the aquaculture at sea we provide catamarans, farming pens, slaughter cages and current breakers. Additionally we offer a wide variety of spare parts as well as all necessary services and repairs.

on land

Our services and products for land-based aquaculture include RAS, flow-through and re-use solutions, as well as other equipment for smolt hatcheries.

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