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Smolt farms

With great experience in the Faroe Islands and abroad, we can be your team mate and supplier! We can also be secondary suppliers for system providers.

Flow-through, re-use og RAS solutions

In the rapidly evolving aquaculture industry, choosing the right aquaculture system is crucial for sustainable success. Our solutions, including Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), Flow-Through, and Re-use systems, are designed to meet diverse operational needs.

Whether you’re aiming for maximum efficiency with minimal environmental impact, simplicity with nature-driven processes, or innovative water recycling technologies, our systems provide customized options to propel your aquaculture venture forward.

Explore how each system can uniquely benefit your operation and contribute to a more sustainable, productive future in aquaculture.


This method ensures that your aquatic animals are raised in a dynamic environment that closely mimics their natural habitats, promoting healthier growth and reducing stress among the stock. With minimal maintenance and operational costs, our Flow-Through Systems represent a smart choice for aquaculturists prioritizing both economic and environmental sustainability. Contact our team today to find out how these systems can be integrated into your business model, helping you harness the simplicity and efficacy of nature in your aquaculture venture.


For aquaculture operations aiming for sustainability and efficiency, our Re-use Systems offer a groundbreaking solution. Adapting advanced filtration technology, these systems significantly reduce water consumption while maintaining optimal water quality for your aquaculture needs on land. Tailored to conserve resources and reduce environmental impact, our Re-use Systems ensure that your operation is not just productive but also eco-friendly. Our team is at your disposal to discuss how these systems can be integrated into your existing setup, promising a seamless transition towards a more sustainable aquaculture practice.


Leverage the future of aquaculture with our Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Engineered for exceptional efficiency and minimal environmental impact, our RAS solutions offer cutting-edge water recycling technology, ensuring you can achieve higher yield with lower water usage. Perfect for operations focused on sustainability and growth, these systems provide the controlled environment your aquaculture needs to thrive. Our experienced team is ready to guide you through each step, from selection to installation, to ensure your venture into modern aquaculture is a success. Discover how our RAS can elevate your aquaculture operation today.


We can help to arrange benchmark and purchase of products and system, logistics, project management and on-site mounting of equipment and systems for new- og re-building of smolt farms.

With vast experience in the Faroe Islands and abroad, we can be your team mate and supplier! We can also be secondary suppliers for system providers.


Jonn Thomsen

Sales Engineer

Trúgvi Kristiansen

Project Manager