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telescopic handlers

Versatile enough to maneuver in tight spaces yet robust enough to handle heavy loads, they are the perfect tool for construction and industrial projects. Step up your lifting game and reach beyond the limits with a telescopic handler that promises performance and reliability.


The Manitou MT series consists of all-terrain and four-wheel driven telescopic handlers with four-wheel steering and a lifting height ranging from 4 to 18 meters. They are designed for the construction and rental industries, focusing on reach, lifting height, user-friendliness, and low operating costs of the machines.

It is possible to purchase a remote control to handle lifting equipment and personnel baskets.

Optional equipment for the MT includes, for example, buckets, crane arms, brooms, and personnel baskets in various sizes.


JCB Telescopic Handlers are engineered for exceptional performance and versatility, bridging the gap between power and agility in various working environments. These machines are designed to meet the rigorous demands of construction, agricultural, and industrial tasks, offering remarkable lifting and reaching capabilities.

With a focus on durability, efficiency, and safety, JCB Telescopic Handlers equip operators with the tools to tackle heavy loads and challenging projects effortlessly.


Jan Brixen Sørensen

Manager Tórshavn

Bogi Hansen

Sales Engineer

Zacharias Stórá

Technical Adviser