Einki úrslit


KJ is also a supplier of a wide range of equipment for the land-based industry. For example, KJ has supplied pumps and pumping systems, engines and generators, for all subsea tunnels in Faroe Islands. Generally speaking, we can say that we can provide anything – contact us and we will find a solution!

generator set

Is sold to the private sector, hospitals and electricity companies. All buildings with back-up power need a set of generators.

pumps and pumping systems

  • Pumps and pumping systems for all subsea tunnels in the country
  • Pumps for municipalities and fire departments
  • Pumps and equipment for water purification plants
  • Additionally maintenance and service of systems

balconies, stairs and sheep gates

KJ offers lots products made out of steel. For example sheep gates, stairs, emergency stairwells, balconies and steel fences for football fields and playgrounds. These are just some of the products we can produce and deliver.

We can provide steel for every need. Together with our sales representatives and our engineers we can find just the best solution for your needs.


Arnstein Prestá

Sales Engineer

Tummas Lervig

Sales Engineer