Einki úrslit

services for the aquaculture industry

We deliver a vast array of services for the aquaculture industry, both on land and at sea. Repairs, maintenance and surveying, in addition to sales of spare parts, is something that we can offer our customers.

For us, service is not just a strength – it is a lifestyle!

repairs and surveying

We have a strong team of engineers and workers that daily are motivated to work and ready to serve and help out our customers.

Our survey and inspection department takes care of surveying cranes for the aquaculture industry. For example Palfinger Marine cranes, that are used onboard our catamarans. In addition to that, we also inspect farming pens in accordance with the regulations from DNV.

Warehouses and stores

On the warehouses and in the stores on Kambsdalur and in Tórshavn we have a wide range of spare parts and equipment for the aquaculture industry. On Kambsdalur we have all parts for cranes, catamarans and smolt farms, and in Tórshavn we have spare parts and products for trucks and machines alike.

If there is a need for products that unfortunately are not on stock, we can provide these with a short delivery time.

the slipway
in fuglafjørður

KJ has great working conditions on the slipway in Fuglafjørður and we offer all kinds of repairs and regular maintenance for catamarans, vessels and boats, up to 20x9m in sizes.


Birgir Samuelsen

Technical Manager

Atli Rygshamar

Production Manager, catamarans

Arnold Hermundarson

Technical Advisor

Edmund Hansen

Survey Manager, LA & LSA

Knút Vesturtún

Store Manager

Debes Danielsen

Store Manager