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farming pens

KJ has produced farming pens for the aquaculture industry since the start 90’s and the farming pens are produced to endure the most rough weather conditions, for example in Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Shetland and around the Orkney Islands.


The farming pens and produced with high-end steel brackets, that ensure that the pen endures the power of nature at times serves us with. The brackets are produced according to Norwegian NS9415 NYTEK23 standards and are approved by DNV. They are pressure-tested on open sea with waves up to 19 meters Hs.

  • Can be supplied from 40m and up to 250m in perimeter
  • Two or three tubes in PE100 polyethylene
  • Galvanized and whole-welded steel brackets
  • Rails are PE100 polyethylene
  • Polystyrene in all floating tubes that ensure buoyancy
  • Plastic bushings between the brackets and the floating tubes, which makes the farming pen self-cleaning and prolongs the lifetime of the tubes and the pen
  • Double mooring brackets are standard and ensure the fastening of the bridle
  • Sinker tube is built from 280 up to 400mm tubes and is filled with steel wires in around 50-80 kg pr. meter. The sinker tube is fastened into the sinker tube’s brackets with dynema robes and chains
  • No fastenings on the outside

Two or three floating tubes?

We can offer high-end quality farming pens with two or three floating tubes and with other equipment alike. The farming pens with two or three floating tubes are almost identical, but the farming pen with three floating tubes has its advantages, which can be a decisive factor in assessing the situation.

Some of the advantages with three floating tubes are as follows:

  • The farming pen lifts better and is laying better at sea
  • The farming pen has better stability, which means that the farming pen does not tilt inwards
  • The farming pen is more safe and has better working conditions with a broader walking space

Mobile production facilities

With mobile production facilities, we can be even closer to our customers and therefore the pens are required to just move a shorter distance when they are produced and ready for usage. We can produce farming pens around the globe.

Some advantages with on-site farming pens production:

  • The farming pens does not have to be transported a long way after production
  • The costs of transporting pens between countries is saved
  • Possible to make adjustments and corrections on-site

of farming pens

2×400 mmXXXX
2×450 mmXXX
2×500 mmXXXX
2×560 mmXX
2×630 mmX
3×400 mmXX
3×450 mmXXX
3×500 mmXX
3×560 mmXX
3×630 mmXX

several brackets
for the farming pens

Normal brackets

The brackets has several options for fastening. With the steel brackets there are great possibilities to change the brackets, fastenings, rails and bird net holders etc.

mooring brackets

The moorings brackets are strong and durable with built-in drain for mooring chains. The mooring fastenings are standard products and these ensure the right couplings for the frame.

Sinker tube brackets

The sinker tube bracket has a pipe built in between the floating tubes, which makes it easier to maintain and adjust the sinker tube. Also, it is possible to make fastenings on the normal bracket, so that it can be utilized as a sinker tube bracket.

Normal bracket 2×400 up to 2×630

Sinker tube brackets 2×400 up to 2×630 for sinker tubes

Mooring bracket 2×400 up to 2×630 for fastenings

Normal bracket 3×400 up to 3×630

Sinker tube brackets 3×400 up to 3×630 for sinker tubes

Mooring bracket 3×400 up to 3×630 for fastenings


We maintain a close co-operation with the aquaculture industry with regards to environmental products and solutions. One of the products is upgrading or re-building old farming pens. This means that we take old farming pens to our production sites and re-use as much as possible of the old farming pens for new farming pens.

Floating tubes

In most cases a great part of the floating tubes can be re-used when new farming pens are produced. The floating tubes are washed and investigated, and if needed, they are repaired, so that they can be used for news farming pens. Material that can not be used is sent to recycling.


The walkways that are in good and durable condition are only re-used for new farming pens, if the new ones are the same size as old pens. In most cases the old farming pens are re-built for larger pens and in these cases it is not possible to re-use the walkways. Material that can not be used is sent to a local supplier for recycling.

steel brackets

The steel brackets are all taken off old farming pens and sent to recycling. The steel brackets, along with other steel goods, are sent to recycling for other purposes.

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