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dump trucks

Need to move stones or what you have excavated? See our excellent and wide range of dump trucks from vendors like Hyundai, JCB and Messersi!tandem


The HA30A and HA45A have rated payloads of 28 tonnes and 41 tonnes respectively, providing an ideal haul truck match for Hyundai’s larger crawler excavators and wheeled loaders.

Maximum traction: A permanent 6-wheel drive, rear tandem axles and front-mounted turning ring provide equal power and weight distribution, while a sloping rear frame guides loads to the front of the dumper, for greater traction and stability on difficult terrain.

Small turning radius: The truck’s rear frame and body design, combined with a front-mounted differential makes for a compact machine, resulting in the one of the smallest turning radius in the sector and outstanding stability.


Every dumper in the JCB Stage V range delivers the power and productivity your site needs. Covering four weight categories, every machine from the JCB 1 ton dumper to the JCB 9 ton dumper boasts industry-leading levels of safety, strength and innovation.

As part of our commitment to sustainable construction, we’ve added the zero emission 1TE JCB electric dumper to the range too.


Messersi provides mini dumpers in various sizes. Mini dumpers are available from 0,5 ton and up to 5 ton, with different abilities and in various designs. Mini dumpers for Messersi are well suited for smaller tasks!


Kato can provide a vast array of mini dumpers with different abilities. It is possible to purchase dumpers with side dumps, drawers, mixing machines etc. See our wide range by clicking on ‘Read more’ below.


The series of articulated Komatsu dump trucks have a payload capacity ranging from 28 tons to 40 tons. The rigid dumpers have a payload capacity ranging from 36 tons to 91 tons.

The machines are developed with inspiration from the mining industry, where there is a particular focus on performance, stability, safety, environment, and comfort. The dumpers are exclusively made of Komatsu’s own components, ensuring that the engine, hydraulics, and electronics work perfectly together.

Additionally, these machines are known for a superior suspension system and a very small turning radius.


Dump trucks with supreme mobility, low ground pressure and ROPS/FOPS approved cab.

Dump trucks for hard work and the obvious choice for soft, muddy terrain or areas with sensitive ground conditions where the lowest possible ground pressure is required.


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