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KJ is selling and providing service on Linde forklifts and logistics equipment alike. Linde forklifts are the most modern and most economic on the market, and they are available in both electrical-driven and diesel-driven variations, going from 1T up to 45T. We also shave pallet lifters from Linde. For the big and heavy tasks we can also provide stackers and bigger forklifts from Konecranes.

the safe solution for in-house logistics

When it comes to forklifts, Linde is in a league of its own. For several decades, Linde has set the standard for forklifts all over the world, and are the brand behind a number of groundbreaking technologies to ensure efficient transportation of materials and products.

Linde offers custom-built forklift solutions for all kinds of logistics tasks in all types of business and all imaginable work situations. Regardless of whether your energy source is gas, diesel, electricity, hydrogen or something different.

Common to all Linde forklifts is the integrated quality that makes them productive, safe and ergonomical.

We also offer heavy-duty forklifts and reach stackers from Konecranes, which in 2013 entered in a strategic collaboration with Linde.

Diesel forklifts

With its internal combustion forklift trucks, Linde has been setting the standard for productivity and efficiency for years. The portfolio of combustion forklifts covers lifting capacities between 1.4 and 18 tonnes.

The combination of hydrostatic drive, dual pedal system and Linde Load Control makes it possible for the operator to perform any lifts and manoeuvring with optimal precision. The efficient power transfer and intelligent controls ensure that the combustion forklift always has plenty of energy available.

electric forklifts

Linde offers a comprehensive range of electric forklift trucks that can handle capacities between 1,000 and 8,000 kg. Their strength lies particularly in their precision and flexibility, which gives them optimal handling performance.

Linde has developed a powerful drive technology with anti-spin regulation for lifting and ease of use in goods transport. All electric-powered Linde forklift trucks are user-friendly and come with a maintenance-free, compact shaft, which makes it possible for the operator to perform manoeuvres with millimetre precision.

logistics solutions

Electric pallet trucks: The models with electric power steering also profit from powerful motors, which Linde combines with quick-reacting brakes. Often multiple braking systems are used, which complement each other. This makes transport from A to B not only faster, but also safe. The lifting capacity of the pallet trucks and pallet lift trucks from Linde ranges from 500 to 3.300 kg.

Pallet Stackers: Pallet stackers fall into three categories: manual, semi-manual, and fully electric. Manual – also known as hydraulic pallet stackers – use lifting hydraulic systems, which means that the physical effort required to operate them is very high. Semi-electric pallet stackers have a lift motor, but transport is manual. Electric pallet stackers have both a lift motor and a drive motor. Linde Material Handling pallet stackers are all fully electric, with no exceptions.

Reach Trucks: All models are extremely cost-effective to service thanks to low-maintenance components and long maintenance intervals. Companies can choose the right truck for their requirements from a wide product range. Depending on the model, mast heights can reach up to about 14 meters with lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tons.


In 2013, Konecranes and Linde Material Handling entered into a strategic collaboration on the production and development of heavy duty machines, which ensures continued positive development in the future.

Konecranes has the full range of products, including:

  • Forklifts 10-65T
  • Stackers
  • Reach stackers
  • Custom made solutions


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Repair Foreman, forklifts

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