Einki úrslit


KJ provides a vast array of construction machines and lifts for the construction industry in the Faroe Islands. Our expert sales representatives can get ahold of just the equipment they need.


In addition to the range of powerful and versatile equipment described earlier, we also offer a series of all-terrain and four-wheel drive boom lifts with four-wheel steering.

These lifts boast working heights ranging from 12 to 28 meters and a capacity of 230 to 400 kg in the basket, making them particularly suited for the construction and rental industries.

Their design emphasizes reach, lifting height, user-friendliness, and the ability to maneuver in various terrains. Importantly, the capacity in the personnel basket has been significantly increased for these lifts.

Optional purchases include generator sets, compressors, and more, enhancing their utility and versatility.


JLG is a leading supplier of access equipment, including various man lifts and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP)—formerly called aerial work platforms (AWP).

An aerial work platform can help you reach tasks at height with enhanced safety and greater productivity, whether you need to access work at 8 ft (2.5m) or 185 ft (56.3m).


JCB’s access platforms are designed to meet the needs of rental companies and contractors across the globe and reach new levels of serviceability and safety. Every access lift is fully certified to EN280 standards for CE conformance, guaranteeing the ultimate in quality.

Plus, there’s a choice of hybrid and all-electric options to suit every project – including a series of electric scissors, the A45E articulated boom, mobile access platforms and low-level access platforms.


Jann Johannesen

Sales Engineer

Jan Brixen Sørensen

Manager Tórshavn

Bogi Hansen

Sales Engineer

Zacharias Stórá

Technical Adviser