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KJ JOINS the faroese sustainable business initiative

about the initiative

Burðardygt Vinnulív (the Faroese Sustainable Business Initiative) is a network of twelve businesses operating in the Faroe Islands which aim to advance sustainable business practices in response to three specific sustainability challenges: climate change, ocean health and biodiversity loss.

Through a collaborative approach, we aim to contribute towards UN Sustainable Development Goals 13 Climate Action, 14 Life Below Water and 15 Life on Land, with greater speed and impact than would be possible for individual companies.

In January 2021, the founding members made a commitment to work together for a minimum of three years to develop a strategic approach to address the key risks and opportunities arising from these issues.

We have five principle objectives: to build our knowledge of, and capability to respond to the challenges; to advance sustainable business practice through a longterm strategic plan; to collaborate; to engage; and to ultimately inspire others in the Faroe Islands to prioritise this agenda.

This report presents the first phase of our plan and includes a commitment from each of the 12 CEOs.

The first report can be read here!

founding members

Burðardygt Vinnulív’s members are a diverse group with different ownership structures and markets. We are made up of large, medium and small companies.

Between us our scope 1 (direct) and 2 (indirect) CO2e emissions made up around 11% of the Faroese emissions in 2020. Our activities extend beyond the Faroe Islands: we have operations in more than ten countries and our supply chain and customers extend across four continents.

“Joining this initiative has been the first real step for us in our sustainability journey. Working with a group of companies facing some similar challenges has enabled us to confidently develop the first stage of a plan. We hope this will make a meaningful impact on the way we do things and also the solutions we offer our clients”, says Mr. Asaffsson Olsen, CEO at KJ.

Emission and goals for kj

2020 emissions

Scope 1 & 2 emissions: 562 TCO2e

2030 goal

We will reduce scope 1 and 2 CO2e emissions by at least 50% by 2030.

Firstly, we will start by looking at alternative heating solutions for our facilities and secondly, we will look into electrifying our fleet of vehicles.

We are planning to submit our targets to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

2030 goal

KJ Hydraulik will look to become net-positive in our impact on the marine and land environment from the sourcing and use of major raw materials for our aquaculture equipment.

The first area of increased focus will continue to be the repair and re-use of equipment delivered in the salmon industry. We will also look into reducing waste from cage production.

read the report here

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