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fish pump hoses and fittings

KJ has been a supplier of fish pump hoses and relevant fittings for many years. We have probably the biggest stock of fish pump hoses and most of the relevant fittings in the Faroe Islands. Let us know how we can help you.

fish pump hose

Fish pump hoses from 4″ up to 20″, where the fish is transported through.
Produced out of polymer and natural rubber. Extremely resistant to wear and tear, dirty water, organic oils and fuel residues.


KJ has a wide range of fittings for fish pump hoses on stock – from 12″ up to 20″.
Hose clamps are on stock in both aluminum and stainless steel. We have quick couplings both with or and without seals on stock.


Leivur Zachariassen

Sales Engineer

Jóannes Mørkøre

Sales Engineer