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We provide high quality and powerful catamarans to the aquaculture industry around the globe. The catamarans are specially designed for the needs of our customers.

Specially made

The catamarans from KJ are built for severe farming sites, where wind and waves can be a challenge. The catamarans are built with strong hulls, modern technology, mechanical and hydraulic system and high quality equipment on deck.

In short, we can say this about the catamarans:

  1. Built in accordance with local requirements
  2. Drawn with strength in mind for severe farming sites
  3. Produced in close co-operation with the farming companies
  4. Delivered in different sizes, depending on the need
  5. The biggest catamaran as of today is 20m long
  6. Built with strong and enduring steel hulls
  7. Built with the best power consumption in mind, considering environmental effects
  8. Built with great floating abilities that increase the stability

well equipped catamarans

The requests for bigger catamarans for the aquaculture industry is steadily increasing and therefore there is also a need for greater engine and electricity power to feed the vast array for mechanical and technical system onboard a catamaran.

  • Power: The catamarans are supplied with two powerful engines and the size of the engines are carefully chosen according to the size of the catamaran and to need of the task that it is to be used for.
  • Generators and electricity: With a growing number of electrical systems and equipment, the need for electricity is increasing. We deliver generators and electricity-based system for every need.
  • Safety: The safety onboard is of vast importance and the catamarans are supplied with fire detection systems, smoke detectors and other equipment alike. Systems like Fire Pro can also be installed in the engine room.
  • Nautical equipment: The catamarans are supplied with modern nautical and communications equipment.
  • Berths: It is possible to get catamarans produced with spaces for cabins and berths, should there be a need for it. This solution is often provided when the catamarans are out on the farming sites for a long time.

If anyone is in need of specially tailored solutions and equipment, this is also possible.


The greatest part of the work onboard a catamaran is on deck and thus it is important that the crew has the best working conditions. Especially when it comes to safety, efficiency and powerful deck equipment.

This includes for example:

  • Deck cranes: The deck cranes from Palfinger Marine are delivered according to the customer’s need and the size of the catamarans.
    Read more about Palfinger Marine here!
  • Capstans: The capstans make the work on deck easier when working with moorings, ends and other things alike. They are supplied according to the need and size.
  • Deck winch: The deck winch gives the crew a chance to work with frame towing and to tighten up and adjust the mooring frames on site.
  • Coupling plate holder: The jaw that can be seen on the stern in portside, is utilized when the coupling plate is being surveyed and repaired.
  • Deck space: From time to time there is a need for working space and space for cargo. The catamarans are produced to make the most out of the deck space.

sustainable power solutions for catamarans

KJ can deliver sustainable power solutions for catamarans when it comes to newbuilding and re-building. The work is done in the Faroe Islands and in close co-operation with Frydenbø and Brunvoll, collaborators of KJ.

There is a vast array of possibilities when it comes to sustainable power for catamarans. Contact our sales representatives and we will find the right solution in close co-operation with you.

in fuglafjørður

KJ has great working conditions on the slipway in Fuglafjørður and we offer all kinds of repairs and regular maintenance for catamarans, vessels and boats, up to 20x9m in sizes.


Jóannes Mørkøre

Sales Engineer

Birgir Samuelsen

Technical Manager

Atli Rygshamar

Production Manager, catamarans