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KJ delivers catamaran to cookE aquaculture in scotland

On May 7th, the skies were clear and the sun shone brightly as KJ completed the delivery of another powerful catamaran designed and manufactured by our team. This latest addition, christened the Skuda Sund, was handed over to Cooke Aquaculture Scotland, marking the 65th catamaran constructed by KJ.

Nestling in Uyeasound in Shetland, the Skuda Sund stretches 18 meters in length and spans nine meters in width.

Outfitted with dual Palfinger Marine cranes, boasting capacities of 65 tons-meter and 33 tons-meter, the Skuda Sund is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems from leading providers such as Olex, Furuno, Simrad, and Garmin. These advanced features underscore its modern design, primed for safely navigating through various tasks. Its propulsion is powered by twin FPT Cursor16 engines, each offering 750 horsepower, alongside a 115 kVa generator set with an autostart feature, ensuring consistent power supply. The Skuda Sund sets a benchmark in space, safety, and ease of operation, bolstered by significant investments in acoustic engineering.

KJ has a storied 25-year history of catamaran production, with the inaugural vessel, the Sneis, built for P/F Sjólaksi in Kollafjørður in 1999. Over the years, we have crafted 65 catamarans, setting our mark as the leading catamaran supplier in the Faroe Islands.

“We take immense pride in our continued position as the premier catamaran supplier in the Faroe Islands and are grateful for the sustained trust from our customers and partners. We stand ready to craft additional catamarans, deliver equipment, and offer products for the global aquaculture industry,” states Viggo Johannesen, CEO of KJ.


Skuda Sund

Home port

Uyeasound, Shetland

Year built



NB 65


18 m


9 m


2x Cursor16 750hk


Cooke Aquaculture Scotland

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