Einki úrslit

Faroese aquaculture apprentices visitng KJ

Yesterday, KJ had the pleasure of hosting Aquaculture students from Vestmanna High School at KJ’s headquarters in Kambsdalur, Faroe Islands. As future players in the Aquaculture industry, these students are of significant importance to us.

KJ’s CEO, Ólavur A. Olsen, expressed the pleasure he found in sharing the companies’ expertise and enthusiasm with them. “The students’ keen interest in our farming pens and robust catamaran workboats was evident, and we eagerly await their graduation and entrance into the industry.”

The Aquaculture course they are undertaking is a four-year program, with a total of 60 weeks allocated for academic study. The remaining duration is spent gaining practical knowledge and experience at local farming sites, serving as apprentices.

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